The Loveless Duo is ready to meet with you to discuss your praise and worship needs.  Phone 817-841-7625.

James and Yvette have been leading and singing praise & worship since 1999. The dynamic duo began their ministry at the West Side Missionary Baptist Church in Saint Louis. The Praise Team was led by now retired minister of music, Dr. Doris Jones-Wilson.  They have taken their ministry to Branson, Missouri and now to Fort Worth, Texas.   The Loveless Duo hosts a bi-monthly Home Group Fellowship (2009-Present).

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There is nothing else these two would rather do than to lead a meeting of the saints in praise and worship.  To praise God is the reason man and woman was created. 

It is a wondrous, powerful thing to forget the focus on ourselves and surrender the sacrifice of praise to the only living God.  Because of the blood of Jesus, we are joint heirs with Him.  Click here for reviews of satisfied clients.
Praise & Worship Leaders
ourselves & surrender to God...
 powerful ... to forget the focus on
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Glory! Hallelujah!  God is so good!